"Erez’s world is as lush and green as a British Columbian winter; 
all of his songs are a calming reminder of the value of occasional escapism" (Portland Mercury)

"If you haven’t seen or heard The Secret Sea you are missing one of Portland’s more
talented artists, whose ability to seamlessly shift between a soft tenderness and a playful
cheeriness is unique and welcome in a sea of the exploding psych rock scene" (Next Northwest)

"Allowing himself to connect with the ethereal and magical qualities of musical expression, 
Erez follows the sea where it flows, using his mastery of lyrics and instrumentation to take
us along on a moving and immersive journey" (Portland Notes)


THE SECRET SEA (Amit Erez) is a cult-status indie icon from Tel Aviv, now living in Portland Oregon. He is one of the first and most substantial and influential songwriters to emerge from Israel this past decade, known for his incredible guitar finger-picking and emotional delivery. Active since 2003 and the second artist to sign with Anova Music (Israel's leading indie label), he's released four albums under his own name, supported by European tours and festivals.

"The Secret Sea" took form as a band led by Erez in 2010, releasing the “Not About Us” EP in 2012 and a highly acclaimed self-titled LP in 2013. In 2015 Erez relocated to Portland, keeping the band name as his solo identity. His new self-produced album "Everest" was recorded and mixed at Jackpot Studio by Larry Crane (Elliott Smith, Built To Spill, Decemberists and many more).